This summer have your very own adventure from home…

Sure Disneyland, the beach, and camping sound like a lot more fun to your kiddos then staying home this summer. But below are eight fun and exciting staycation ideas for any budget, giving you easy ways to create memorable experiences this summer.

Put Your Culinary Skills To The Test

Let your kids experiment in the kitchen with a cook or bake off. Team up with your little ones and create unique creations in your own kitchen. To spice things up, turn the activity into a competition. Introduce new and unfamiliar tastes to peak your kids interest and expand their pallets.

Take a trip to the store so your kids can exercise their independence, choosing new foods right off the shelves.

Camp Out In Your Backyard

There is plenty to explore in your own backyard. Moss, trees, and local wildlife are all fun things to study right outside your front door. So roll out those sleeping bags and light the fire to create an experience in the backyard your small children will remember forever.

Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Plan A Treasure Hunt

Create clues to lead your kids on an exciting adventure. Ask your neighbours to join in on the fun for an extra exciting adventure, taking your kiddos around your home, backyard, and neighbourhood. Hide little treasures along the way to peak their interest. End the hunt with a fun prize.

For extra fun, play dress up and see who is the best pirate in your family.

No matter your budget or allotment of free time, you too can easily create a fun, memorable staycation for the whole family to enjoy.

Take The Adventure To The Classroom

Use an online class, the library, the aquarium, or even word of mouth. Teach your children a skill or provide them with exciting new knowledge. Perhaps, teach them a new sport and have a family tournament. Even something as simple as knot tying can be a memorable experience.

Construct A Fortress

Every kid loves turning the living room furniture into a fort. So wrangle up the pillows, blankets, and chairs because this summer the perfect activity can take place in the comfort of your home. Build tunnels, separate rooms, or even a moat. Spend the day going in and out of your families castle all day.

Calling All Artists

Let your kids imaginations run wild with some simple arts and crafts time. Help them tie-dye shirts or try knitting instead.

Need them out of your hair? Easy fix. Set them up with some finger paints or sidewalk chalk for an afternoon full of imagination and fun.

Making A Splash!

Occupying the kiddos can be hard when all you can think about is the extreme heat. The best fix for the heat, make a splash in your own backyard.

Break out the sprinkler, fill up the water balloons, and collect your squirt gear. Let your kids burn off their energy and stay cool with a backyard water park.

Don’t let apartment living or lack of water gear kill the fun. Take a trip to your local splash pad or pool for a just as memorable and cool experience.

Town Fair

Call your friends and family, it’s time to go to the fair! The best part, you can easily create this memorable time in your own backyard.

Serve up classic fair foods like corn dogs, snow cones, and cotton candy.

Create your own versions of balloon darts, fishing hole, and ring toss.

Close your event with an outdoor movie, project it onto the garage or a large sheet.

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